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Impromptu Beef Noodle Soup

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Iā€™m almost done with instant beef noodle. I just eat it every morning with eggs and sometimes chicken and honestly anything

Ricky from San Francisco, CA

Just tried some on scrambled eggs this morning. The blend was very well balanced and hit the spot for my BNS craving. Didn't realize how much I needed something like this. Now I must find everything I can eat with it.

H.C.H. from Maryland

I tried this on scrambled eggs for my son's breakfast earlier this week, and he loved it!

Sharon from Texas

Wow. This really exceeded my expectations. New favorite way to eat eggs.

Jane from San Francisco, CA

I can vouch for this spice mix! I like it with sesame oil on noodles--
makes a perfect lazy dinner that's also a decent dupe for a real bowl.
Also good on tomato-egg.

Jess from Washington, DC

MmmMmmm! It really is very beef noodle soupy!

Shan from Maryland

Just received my order. It's awesome! You've really captured the flavor. Much respect.

Lily from New Jersey

Can vouch that this is delicious!

Maggie from Virginia